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For the production of these extracts only olives and grapes were used which were harvested in France. The production carried out by our partner GrapSUD in France uses cutting-edge systems for protecting water resources, preventing air pollution, limitating the landscape impact and recycling organic matter. Olivex® extract is a natural standardized extract of phenols and polyphenols obtained from olive (olea europea) waters separted from the olive fruit. It contains hydroxytyrosol and tyrosol, identified and controlled by HPLC test methods. OleoGrape® SEED is a production patented extract without carrier which combines the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet and the French Paradox.

Grape Extracts And Grape Seed Extracts standardisation - Download PDF

article no. products
831F Red grape extract P20
832F Red grape extract P50
841F exGrape® RESVERVE red grape extract
842F/G exGrape® TOTAL red grape extract
844F exGrape® TOTAL R2500 red grape extract
843G exGrape® ANTHOCYANINS red grape extract
840G exGrape® ANTHOCYANINS 15 red grape extract
845 Grape seed extract OPC10, liquid
837F Grape seed extract OPC20
847F/G exGrape® SEED OPC30 grape seed extract
848F/G exGrape® SEED OPC40 grape seed extract
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